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Kelowna RCMP (Design-Build Competition Finalist)

The central concept for the Kelowna Police Services Building was to create a flexible site and building, which represent a fully compliant response to the RCMP’s operational and programmatic requirements, a state-of-the-art facility that can respond to the changing nature of policing, and permit growth and change of the detachment over time. The building form and character were intended to be elegantly simple, straight-forward, and unpretentious, yet displaying up-to-date design thinking and presenting a friendly, welcoming face to the community.

One of the most important considerations for the new Police Services Building was to provide a healthy, worker-friendly indoor environment that will enhance the sense of well-being and overall experience of building occupants and visitors alike.  Key strategies include healthy building materials, ample access to daylight and views from all work stations (unless precluded by programmatic requirements), and a warm, friendly, and visually appealing palette of interior colours and finishes.

KMBR was a design-build competition finalist for this project.

Project Stats

  • Client: ITC Construction Group
  • Location: Kelowna, BC
  • Project Type: New Build
  • Project Delivery: Design-Build