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History plus vision is an unbeatable combination, and with six decades of experience, a resourceful team, and a track record for excellence, KMBR is entering a new era of innovation. We are continually adding to our team and expanding our ability to serve niche markets and build to new standards in inventive ways. Are you ready to shape environments for years to come?


A 30-year architectural professional, Witmar has the expertise to design building types across all sectors. He’s known for his vision, refined leadership skills, and his in-depth understanding of the complete project life-cycle. Witmar has been a principal of KMBR since 1991. As a champion of Wood First design, Witmar was selected by PartnershipsBC to participate in the 2011 Wood First Advisory Committee to provide strategic guidance to Forestry Innovation and Investment in the design and implementation of the Wood First Initiative.

Bassem brings 25 years of experience to the team, joining KMBR in 2012 and becoming a principal in 2013. He has developed the skills and expertise for diverse project types, sharing his passion for design excellence and sustainability into every project—regardless of project type or budget constraints. Bassem is known for his client-focused approach and for building long-term collaborative working relationships.

With 12 years of experience in the delivery of education, healthcare, and public safety projects, Kate has the expertise needed to deliver successful projects to clients in any market sector. Kate is an excellent architect; executing quality designs in each phase of a project, from kick-off to completion. More than that, she has led numerous KMBR projects to success by managing our internal and consultant project teams. Kate has been with KMBR since 2013 and was promoted to Principal in 2019.

Senior ARchitect + Planner

With 30-plus years of experience at KMBR, Gregg’s passion for envisioning community architecture remains strong, as he provides inspired leadership at the front end of KMBR projects. His talents and insights are utilized in visioning, programming, feasibility studies, and preliminary design. Finding the most progressive design approach to enhance the wellbeing of building occupants is Gregg’s biggest source of inspiration.


Simon is an experienced architect and highly-skilled project manager. Throughout his career, he has designed a wide variety of building types including education, healthcare, mixed-use housing, and civic projects. Simon’s expertise in developing significant projects through all stages from concept to completion has been an invaluable asset to KMBR. He joined the team in 2003 and became an Associate in 2013.

Kris is our in-house BIM expert, and with over 25 years of design and leadership experience he is providing mentorship to the KMBR team and project delivery excellence to our clients. He was promoted to Associate in 2018.

Stéphane has over 10 years of architectural and project management experience, and his portfolio encompasses a wide range of architectural and interior design projects in multiple market sectors. He has been a project architect and key team member on numerous large, complex projects, and from this experience is skilled at working effectively as part of a multi-stakeholder team. Stéphane is highly experienced in leading projects, coordinating team members, developing working drawings, implementing quality control, conducting contract administration, supporting the project team, and communicating effectively and regularly with the entire project team, including the principals, owners, developers, builders, consultants, and authorities having jurisdiction. He was promoted to Associate in 2019.

With 10 years of industry experience both in Canada and overseas, Maryam has experience executing complex workplace projects. Her expertise is in designing public sector facilities from conceptualization to completion. Maryam is a capable, results-oriented professional who excels both individually and a member of a team. Her ability to address issues early and communicate solutions has been integral to the success of many projects. She was promoted to Associate in 2019.


Architecture is simply the art of creation; sometimes divine. My cause is to create it right; when this is done, we all relate rightly with it.

Passionate, curious and collaborative, I love that architectural design can enhance human potential and shape a positive community. I strive to improve the quality and efficiency of every project I work on. I find great satisfaction when seeing a well-designed space evokes people’s interaction and when users and spaces evolve together.

It is a beautiful thing to realize how architecture in its different spatial and temporal forms is the quintessential art – four-dimensional allowing to share the rhythm, the acceleration, the static nature, the escape. As in a flow of sounds form, colors, materials appear, sometimes magically, also rules and meanings do too. It is an exciting thing to be able to activate one of the primary functions of architecture: that of making appear almost to the point of materializing it. It is the best reward for me to hear from our clients that we contribute to creating a significant and positive difference in their everyday life. That’s one of the reasons I am so passionate about my work.

Elaine Collins

I'm inspired by bold designs that elevate how we live and work, and therefore how we feel and think.

Sophia Dvorzsak

Architecture has the opportunity to improve our lives and leave a lasting impression on our hearts.

As a natural problem solver, I enjoy the task of finding ways to transform various user groups’ needs and desires into a tangible building design. Seeing a project come to life and watching the users utilize the design to its full potential is an inconceivable feeling. I enjoy working in a collaborative environment which challenges, inspires and pushes me every day.

The extraordinary thing about architecture is that every person experiences a space differently than the next person. With every line we draw, we are creating infinite moments. This is why I love what I do.

Ron Herold

Brittany Jordan

I am passionate about learning and exploring innovative ways to enrich the community through challenging our experiences with the built and natural environment.

I enjoy working with the finer details of our designs, to create human-scale experiences and moments within our architecture, which the users can touch, move and play within.

I’m inspired by the ambiguity of design, that not all problems can be solved by numbers.

During my 38 years with KMBR, I feel fortunate to have worked with so many great people on meaningful projects that improved our communities.

Architecture allows me the opportunity to constantly question and explore our built environment. Creating elegant and intuitive designs helps to improve the lives of individuals and communities.

Working on a variety of design-based projects, dealing with details that convert lines to reality, collaborating with thoughtful and honest people, makes it possible, each day, to build a stronger community.

I am passionate about design and making an impact in my community. I also have a specific interest in the theory of architecture and believe that every project has a unique and interesting story. With each design, I strive to use my creativity to design meaningful spaces that positively impact people's lives and improve their living and working environment.

I do what I love and enjoy what we, as a team, achieve.

I really love designing schools because students are our future.

I’m interested in adding value and meaning to space or perhaps to amuse or dramatize rather than merely assembling or editing since, in my opinion, designing is transforming prose into poetry.