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Good Shepherd Star of the Sea Parish

The church emphasizes the importance of community and procession. A series of communal gathering spaces proceed from the entry court to the skylit “Area of Welcome” and into the nave. Along the transition from the parking lot to the sanctuary, the communal spaces become less informal and more ceremonial. The height and volume of the spaces increases until the journey culminates beneath the lantern, or “cross of light,” over the sanctuary. Parishioners gather in the nave around the altar, beneath the protective “wing” of a delicate lacy wood ceiling. These two elements – the congregation and the altar – are expressed to the surrounding community as exterior architectural forms.

Award: City of Surrey Award of Excellence in Design – Second Place in Institutional Category

Project Stats

  • Client: Archdiocese of Vancouver
  • Location: Surrey, BC
  • Size: 1,907 sq.m.
  • Project Type: New Build