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Adams Road Elementary School

Due to continual growth in the District and to alleviate the congestion of existing portables on site, SD36 identified the need for a 200 capacity + 40 kindergarten addition to the existing 250 capacity + 40 kindergarten elementary school (8 classrooms and 2 kindergartens and supporting spaces). The constricted site and existing school posed several challenges in planning the addition. The solution is a simple two storey addition onto the east end of the school. This minimizes the footprint, achieves energy efficiencies and manages construction logistics as the school remains operational during construction. KMBR re-interpreted the standard Ministry program to create Small Learning Communities on each floor. The SLCs are organized around project areas which have been designed to transform the learning experiences of the primary student community of the school by supporting modern learning approaches.

KMBR was also the architect for the original Adams Road Elementary School.

Project Stats

  • Client: School District No. 36
  • Location: Surrey, BC
  • Size: 1,248 sq.m.
  • Project Type: New Build/Addition
  • Project Delivery: Design-Bid-Build