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Yarrow Community Elementary School

The client’s primary objective was to replace Yarrow Elementary School. The result was a design-build competition of which KMBR was the winning proponent. The new elementary school is a Wood First project featuring space to accommodate programs approved under the Neighbourhoods of Learning Initiative, incorporates elements that will establish it as a community school and provide spaces for 275 grades 1-7 + 200 kindergarten students.

The primary areas of focus for the new school design were: design functionality, life-cycle cost/sustainability, and aesthetics. The school district was particularly interested in design initiatives that reduce operational costs, highlighting energy and water conservation features, efficient building envelope, long life equipment and finishes, high-quality indoor environment, and ease of maintenance. Use of BC wood was also a priority in recognition of the local industry. The school is LEED® Gold Certified.

The use of wood is emphasized throughout, with each application carefully considered so as to achieve maximum aesthetic enhancement without compromising building longevity. Applications include roof overhangs/soffits and entrance canopies, structural elements of glue-laminated timbers, and wall accents in selected areas. The design ensures that all instances of wood are sheltered from the direct effects of the elements and will be treated with U/V resistant clear sealers to protect yet express the wood’s natural beauty.

Photographer: Ed White Photographic

Project Stats

  • Client: School District No. 33
  • Location: Chilliwack, BC
  • Size: 4,473 sq.m.
  • Project Type: New Build
  • Project Delivery: Design-Build