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SFU Faculty of Education

The location of this 97m2 office on the 5th Floor Faculty of Education floor plate locates it in a transit zone between faculty offices, an open gallery-like space, and the back office area.

The goal of renovation, reorganization, and interior design of this nondescript office is to optimize the usable space and create an agile, accessible and recognizable sanctuary. The solution must welcome Faculty and students while supporting quiet contemplation, student and professor consultation, small group cohort collaboration, and connectivity to the surrounding office.  Balancing privacy, visual connectivity and circulation is at the core of our solution, thus ensuring the comfort and requirements of many different users are met.

Our design provides both spatial and visual identity, defining various functions, and leaving the space as open and transparent as possible. Glazed semi-opaque partitions offer light and privacy. Spatial and circulation definition is established by semi-permanent flooring patterns which are mirrored on the ceiling. These “organic” prompts enable occupants to move through the space without crossing privacy boundaries.  Sound management is provided by acoustical, decorative sculpted wall panels, mobile partitions and moveable walls, which provide both sound and visual privacy. Natural and neutral materials, colours, textures, and soft curving lines characterize the space while mobile furnishings, technology, magnetic and writable surfaces foster multiple modes of work and social connection.

Project Stats

  • Client: Simon Fraser University
  • Location: Surrey, BC
  • Size: 973 sq.m.
  • Project Type: Design-Bid-Build

I just wanted to thank you for all the gifts, aesthetic sensitivity, expertise and the beautiful way you work with people. It is a joy to be working with you." (to Camille Clermont, KMBR's Lead Interior Designer)

Dr. Celeste Snowber Assistant Director, Faculty of Education Simon Fraser University