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John Hart Generating Station Replacement

The project required the design and construction of a replacement generating facility close in proximity to the existing facility, which is the furthest downstream station in the three-station Strathcona-Ladore-John Hart cascading hydroelectric development on the Campbell River. It is approximately 7 km upstream from where the river enters the Strait of Georgia. The station represents 17% of the current total generating capacity on Vancouver Island. It has been in commercial operation since 1947 and is one of the oldest generating facilities in BC Hydro’s hydroelectric system and an important heritage asset on Vancouver Island.

KMBR’s involvement with this project was to look after all architectural components, building envelope, as well as life safety measures (code compliance) for the entire facility, and included the design of the powerhouse control centre/office building, intake building, and other structures integral to the generating station. The new facility is located underground.

Project Stats

  • Client: SNC-Lavalin Inc
  • Location: Campbell River, BC
  • Project Type: New Build
  • Project Delivery: Construction Management