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Surrey Christian School – Infill Addition

KMBR is currently working with the school on a 2-storey, mass timber infill addition which will join the Primary Wing with the Middle School. This addition includes a new campus gateway with administrative offices, student commons and library, two classrooms, and informal learning spaces.

The two adjacent lots were consolidated with the Middle School site, and this required a re-zoning process to convert the former residential use to assembly use. With input from our transportation consultant, the newly annexed lots address the on-site traffic congestion issues, by reconfiguring site access, pick-up and drop-off areas, and bus loading facilities, as well as expanding parking capacity.

Construction began in Summer 2022 and is estimated to complete in Fall 2023.

KMBR also designed the Primary School addition, completed in 2014.


Project Stats

  • Client: Surrey Christian School Society
  • Location: Surrey, BC
  • Size: 1,160 SM
  • Project Type: Addition
  • Project Delivery: Construction Management